Organic Cotton~why we love organic...

“Untreated, natural, organic cotton”
Tezomeya has a fixation with organic cotton; it has several qualities that appeal to our standards.

What is organic cotton?

Loop Wheel Organic Cotton T-shirts“Organic cotton” means cotton that has been cultivated naturally, where no pesticides or agricultural chemicals were used. The general standard for organic cotton is grown in soil that has not been treated with chemicals or pesticides for over three years. The organic cotton we use in our products is state certified and grown in Texas and New Mexico. Because of the recent ecology boom, organic cotton is very popular; however, our reasons for using organic cotton are not for the ecological benefits.

In general, industrial produced cotton is bleached, and treated for industrial dyeing and consistency. Through this industrial process, the cotton is stripped of its wax and impurities.

Is organic cotton a way of cutting corners?

Organic cotton is not usually used for dyeing. Most textiles manufacturers and apparel companies usually only use un-dyed organic cotton. The benefit of organic cotton for manufactures is then using it as a natural fiber without having to treat or dye it. However, this is untrue. The reason manufactures prefer to use industrial treated cotton is for its consistency.

Why Tezomeya uses organic cotton

The impurities of organic cotton work very well with natural dyeing. This is the main reason why we use organic cotton at Tezomeya.

Why Tezomeya uses original organic cotton

There are various kinds of organic cotton available on the market. The difference between the varieties comes down to how much the organic cotton is processed or in our case how little it is processed. We experimented with many of these organic cotton textiles, but we were unsatisfied with the results we achieved. We decided at that time to just find an organic cotton yarn that would meet our standards.

Organic Cotton Yarn

We use organic cotton yarn from Fox Fibers. Their products are cultivated in Texas and New Mexico, and are state certified organic. Fox Fibers takes great care not to over-process their cotton.

Loop wheel knitting

The knitting is done by Kanekichi knitting Co. in Wakayama, Japan. Please refer to here to read more about Kanekichi Co. Thanks to the loop wheel knit the fabric comes out fluffy and stays fluffy.

Then you might imagine that a t-shirt is simple; yarn, knit, voila! A t-shirt… However, this is not the case for industrial made tees. There are multiple industrial processes that include: scouring, mercerizing, bleaching, singeing, raising, and sanforizing. The industrial process is not simple.

Tezomeya t-shirts are simple. Yarn. Knit, Voila!