Masaaki Aoki

Masaaki Aoki

January 1967:
Born in Mie Prefecture, Grew up in Tokyo.

April 1991:
Started working for Wacoal Co., and moved to Kyoto.

Began relationship with Masahisa Dyeing Factory

July 2000:
Resigned from Wacoal. Started apprenticeship at Masahisa Dyeing Factory. Learned natural dye methods from Mr. Hirota etc.

October 2000:
Assisted Ujyou Maeda’s dyeing exhibition. (I was totally blown away by Mr. Maeda’s work.)

April 2002:
Completed apprenticeship at Masashisa Dyeing Factory. Became independent dyer.

July 2002:
Tezomeya opens.

April 2009:
Started teaching at Kyoto University of Art and Design.

General Manager
Tomoko Aoki
Tomoko Aoki

January 1969:
Born and raised in Hyogo Prefecture.

April 1991:
Joined Wacoal.

March 1996:
Resigned from Wacoal. Mother to two sons.

July 2002:
Started working at Tezomeya.